Monday, July 28, 2014

The Animals I Ate Today

     I like to know what I’m putting in my mouth but not in the typical West Coast fashion. I’m not out singing to trees and eating crunchy stuff every day. I don’t really count calories or check whether something is gluten free or not. I do however look at everything I’m about to send down the hatch just in case there is something there waving me a not so friendly hello. I don’t like those kind of introductions.
 “Hey there look at me. I’m the little hair that just fell of that guy’s head. Eat me.”
“Ummm…no thanks…Waiter!!”
     You catch my drift.
     This habit of mine, that I’ve never pondered until today led me to some discoveries in my big ol’ bear bucket of animal crackers. I like to know what type of animal I'm eating.
I ate a camel:

I swallowed a bear:

Then I ate a kitty!
Things started to get a little abnormal when I ate a goat:
Next I shoveled down a donkey:
Lions and tiger and bea...wait what the heck is that?
What the heck am I eating?
OK...I'm done being a food critic. I've eaten too much....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Animal Cracker Bear & Kitty Q-Tip

     I just got home from church and will be headed to the river to spend the day boating with some new friends. I have been praying for friends lately. Maybe we will just spend the day by the river…I just had an incoming text that the friend bringing the boat is now in the hospital with his daughter who just had a diabetic attack…Lord Jesus be with that girl! Sad :n(

Moving on...Yesterday I saw this at WINCO.

     Of course it had to come home with me. EEP!! Lions and tigers and BEARS oh my! Animal crackers in a cutey-pa-tootey Bear shape.
Other than that all I did was spend way too much money at COSTCO with Wubs getting ready for our big vacation next week.
     In other news Boo has added Q-Tips to his morning  routine:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bear's Belly Laugh

     I haven’t laughed so hard in a long home. Last night Wubs came home and we started discussing something. He concluded one of his sentences with a deep belly laugh. I mentioned how much I loved that unique gut giggle and at that point he immediately changed it to a high pitch snicker. He gets a little shy when you compliment him. He then gave another half snicker and went deep into the recesses of his brain to pull out a treasure. He apparently had some childhood memory about a bear laughing in a cartoon and how he always loved it. I laughed and said, “Really? Now I have to find this bear. What cartoon was it on?” He replied, “I think it was little red riding hood.”
Me: “Ummm…little red riding hood revolves around the big bad wolf not a bear.”
Wubs: “I’m pretty sure it was little red riding hood. I think it was a looney tunes cartoon or something.”
Me: “Ok I’m gonna google it.”
     Eventually I googled “pics of bears in old cartoons laughing.”
     It pulled up a screen of pictures and I turned the monitor towards Wubs so he could identify his memory for me. He picked out this one and exclaimed, “That’s him!”

I did some more google-ing and found the whole cartoon here.

     Just after the narrator says, “And the papa bear says…” I lost it. The bear’s face, laugh and expression…all of it was like watching my husband.
     “Oh my gosh. It’s you, in 1940, as a cartoon bear…”
     Then Wubs starts his belly laugh again and I was rolling…I couldn’t stop…
     Wubs was all red in the face like he just discovered something new about himself he subconsciously had an idea about until his wife spelled it out in black in white by doing some computer sleuthing.
Today I learned something new about him...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Phone Cleaning

    Since it’s Sunday and I have nothing better to do with my afternoon than clean out the hoard of pictures and video I’ve taken on my phone I figured today was the day to bore entertain you with them.
     These videos and pictures were taken last weekend on our Mt. Rainier Railway ride. I tried not to post things I’ve already posted but if you know me you know my memory walks with a feeble gait and has a history of stumbles. Please forgive me as I get up and brush off as if my embarrassment didn’t just happen.
My trip to the mountain in pics and video: 

The log still had sap coming out of it even though it had been sitting there for years...In the heat you could smell the yummy sappy smell. I love the smell of sap!

Wubs: Apparently that one had a radio on board.
Me: How do you know?
Wubs: Probably because it says "Radio Equipped".
Me: Oh.
Us: Laugh laugh laugh.

One thing you notice right away about the Nisqually River that flows through Elbe Washington is its white appearance which is the result of the pulverizing of stones. The powdered rocks in the water make it look white and are the result of grinding glacier ice at Mt. Rainier. I'd never seen a white river before.

These two pics were taken from I84 on our way to Bonneville.

And this is Brewster helping me with my grocery list
And this is Belvedere helping me with the laundry. It was super hot here so the water I was using to fill the iron for steam seemed mighty appealing.

Now I'm all cleaned up and ready to take more video and pictures!