Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December post

     I figured I’d better do at least one post before the New Year. It will just be a run down of the past couple of months. I’ve been in hiding and deep thought as my world was changed in the blink of an eye one morning back in October. This is what changed.
    Yup. Mmmm Hmmmm. It’s official. We started a journey and there is no going back. I’m sure many moms throughout history have felt like they have no idea what they are doing but I can tell you that I have never felt so alone. Other than my husband who is always there for me I have been processing fear as if I was in a batting cage with balls of it being thrown at me in distinctly timed intervals…and I don’t like baseball!! Can I get off this ride please? It would be fine if calamity didn’t strike as soon as you find out your life is going to change forever. At a time when we really need to be saving EVERY penny, my husband threw his back out and is off work without pay for three weeks. I’m hoping it’s just three. I hate seeing him this way. Leaning on a cane and in all sorts of pain.

    Oh God how are we gonna get through this month let alone the next seven? 

     Deep breath. It is well with my soul. We will be ok. God has always come through.

     Then there is a bunch of other things happening that are both good and heartbreaking that I can’t get into here. I feel like a raw ball of emotions. 

     I’d rather distract myself than continue talking about all of that. So here is my past couple of weeks via phone pics.

Belvedere immediately claiming and furry-fying my new white IKEA couch. 

The crack fits the fat oh so nicely.

Oh it makes me mad but he’s so darn cute. I can’t kick his fat furry body off. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Brewster prefers harder surfaces.


But I'll keep him.

Funny boy.

Belly has also claimed Daddy’s new Pappa chair. The only thing Dad wanted for baby was a recliner to sit and rock baby in. That was Daddy’s Christmas present…and apparently Boos too. 

Anything soft and squishy is fair game for him.
Isn’t he beautiful. Glammer shot kitty.
Brewster enjoys squishy things too sometimes. They have a great fur fest on moms furniture. I go through lint rollers weekly. 

     I did get my dish hutches painted. They turned out exactly as I had hoped they would.

Belvedere takes over my bed as well.

     I found out the week before Christmas that I would be hosting Christmas Eve Fondue. A family tradition. Tables of fondues and things to dip in them and a hefty sized crowd of Wub’s immediate family. I was so sick the weekend before Christmas and didn’t know how I was going to get the house ready. Thank God, Wub’s parents came over and helped me get the whole place clean. Morning sickness had taken over and made life difficult. I also hosted his parents and brother for Christmas brunch and then the whole family came over again for Christmas Dinner. Somehow Wubs and I pulled that together. 

I have been sleeping the past couple of days.

And thats my month in a nut-shell.