Monday, August 27, 2012

Tickity Tickity Monday

Here is a work-place funny from Kim’s world.

It’s Monday.

Ya know…one of these Mondays:

That little green guy should have left the coffee. Just sayin'.

(I love my job by the's just Monday's...phbtt, phooy Mondays...when the gray cubical walls get under your skin...)

Around three, amidst the monotonous tickity tickity taking place in our cubical cages, the gentlemen I work with and I get the following email from a friend in the next cubical quad over:

Hey guys,

     Your boss ordered new keyboards for you. You should be getting them tomorrow.

My response:
     Yeah, she said we’re installing the pipes behind your desk. Hopefully they won’t get in your way:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

      I’ve been working on a little fall decorating. I would love to sell these but need to develop some marketing skills. Craig’slist isn’t cutting it. Pricing is another issue. Sometimes I wonder if I’m charging too much or not enough. These take a while to make so I want to be compensated for the time put in to them but don’t want to charge an arm and a leg and scare people away. I need to develop some business womany skills. ;n ) In the meantime I have a wall full of these banners. If I could just create and let someone else handle the people skills that would be ideal.

Is $12 too much for that banner? To little?  

Here is some other things I have been working on.