Saturday, June 28, 2014

Excited Nub

     Wubs was in Newport doing a job last week. He called me the first night there and explained that he got us a treat. He said he bought some salt water taffy. 

Boy did he ever.
We have taffy coming out of our ears. I put my new filling to the test today with a few pieces.
I’m totally sugared out.
     After I dispensed the taffy into the jars I got to making another 5 dozen or so cupcakes for the launch of VBS this weekend.
     If I never see another cupcake for a while…
     While Wubs was away I entertained myself trying to get video of a rare phenomenon in our household. One of our fur-by’s has a much shorter tail than the other. It has a life of its own. When this little fur-by can’t contain his emotions he directs them all to his tail... you just have to have the video on at the right moment.
Excited Nub attempt #1 (last night):

Excited Nub attempt #2 (I tried again this morning):
Excited Nub attempt #3 (finally we got video of this phenomenon):

Excited Nub attempt #4 (he was really excited!!):

And…lest Boo be out performed by Brew…this just happened:

Why yes that is the laptop on my lap…with the fat cat sitting on it.
He. Would. Not. Move

It took a bit of force by I finally dislodged him. Boo is crazy for puters.