Monday, August 24, 2015

Timothy Lake Vacation, Baby Vaccines and Jeal-y Belly

    Ten days in the woods with a newborn. That was the beginning of my month. We survived. By the tenth day I was ready to be home though. Baby did great in the woods but if it wasn't for the small heater we had in our tent I would have been one freaked out momma worrying about whether or not he was warm. It gets pretty cold at night at Timothy Lake near Mt. Hood Oregon. It was pretty hot during the day. The days were in the 80's and 90's and at night it got down to the 40's. We do this every year and were it not for the smile across Wubs face that he was finally getting to bring his little to the lake...I'm not sure I would have exposed baby to nature when he was so, well, little. We all did fine though and had a great time. Wubs Mom's side of the family takes over the lake for the first week in August. We fill up the camp ground. You think I'm joking...

Here is the family pic of the mass of us:

     Good times. Since then I've been to a niece's birthday party where I took pictures of everything but the birthday girl. I did get these gems though:

     Grandma M. photobombing the pic of the two newest cousins, Grandma S. lovin' on the munchkin' and Daddy cuddles.
    I also went to a wedding shower since my last post where again I didn't take any pics of the bride to be...but I did get another gem. A pic of Grandma M. with cousin and baby:

     Today was a major bummer. Baby got his first set of vaccines. Three big shots and he screamed bloody murder...he made momma want to cry. He's been super sleepy today and you can tell his body is working over time. Poor bunny.
     Jeally-Belly tried to help. He has been super jealous of baby and has plastered himself against my side in a desperate move for attention. Baby head or feet get a soft furry pillow when nursing.

     Kitty is a bit ridiculous...but super cuddly cute. The only thing that gets the cat to move is when baby starts to cry for longer that a minute. Kitty gets stressed and looks at me with sad eyes and saunters off but he's usually back when baby calms. Everybody needs Momma. LOL.
     My days look a lot like this:
     Pretty sweet hugh?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Baby clothes, Timothy Lake meal planning and things Mom’s made

     Today I did a bunch of shopping. On my bed. In my pajamas… whilst feeding a baby. I really really hate shopping so to have the world at my fingertips, to be able to type in exactly what I want, see a bunch of different items, price compare, all within a half an hour…sheer bliss. I LOVE online shopping and amazon prime. I don’t have to waste time walking up and down isles, driving to a bunch of different stores and walking out with things that I spent too much money on and are not exactly what I want. I am notoriously unable to make decisions. Shopping presents endless choices and decisions and makes me crazy. This way, I get to type in exactly what I want, find it and get it. Number one on the list was finding ears for my baby to wear. Babies should wear ears as often as possible. I bought these:

     We are headed to Timothy Lake again for our annual family camping trip and baby had nothing warm to wear when the temp drops at night. Hence the shopping and buying of baby clothes. I also got baby another Mr. Man mini me outfit:

     Another thing on my list of things to do was to work on pictures of things my talented Mother has created. She lives to create and has spent the past couple weeks making the following creations. She’s trying to get an Etsy board up. Her creations are so unique and were both trying to find a way to market them. Hence, the pictures. Neither of us are photographers so we’re winging it here. This is a front shot of things she’s worked on this past month.

     Decorative bottles:


     Napkin rings:

     Storage bins:

     Dessert tray/stand:

     Pin cushion:

     And my personal favorite, a friendship doll garland:

     Don't you just love their itty bitty hair and faces? So precious!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sorry brownie

     Today was a happy day.

     I got in some early morning snuggles.

     I also got to visit with a friend for about three hours today. She brought her two littles with her. The youngest is almost two and the other is barley four. They are a joy to watch and oh so stinkin’ cute. Remember the pom pom garland in my nursery from yesterdays post? Funny story about my friends youngest and that pom pom garland. At one point in today’s visit I let my friend go up to my baby’s nursery to change her little’s diaper. Her little was fascinated by the pom pom garland strung across the ceiling. About a half hour after that diaper change my friend’s  little began announcing loudly that she peed and wanted to be changed again. She hadn’t. She just wanted to go upstairs and see the pom poms again. It’s amazing how manipulative smart children can be. I giggled and brought down another garland my Mom had made with the leftover string from mine and gave it to little. 

     I didn’t get a good picture of the smile that spread from ear to ear as I handed it to her. She immediately grabbed it and had it thoroughly knotted within’ thirty seconds. But it was an adorable thirty seconds. She loved it for five minutes then got detoured by something else. Kids. They are S.O. M.U.C.H. F.U.N. 

     In other news Mr. Man left the last brownie for me.
     Well…kind of. That’s the sorriest little excuse for a brownie I ever did see.

     LOL…just LOL. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Nursery progress

     I told myself towards the end of my second trimester of pregnancy, just around the time that we had finished painting the nursery, that it was okay to not have the nursery ready by the time baby came. After all, he would probably hang out in our room any way for at least the first six months. Which, so far, he has been doing. Needless to say progress on the nursery has been slow. Today I got two things done in there that I have been wanting to do. I got a curtain rod hung so now my Mom can measure the length and make the curtains for the window. 

     I also got a quilt hung that I’ve been wanting up. It’s a Baby R Us quilt that is oh so perfect for my woodland animal theme.
     It also has matching wall hangings and a matching lamp.

     So, so cute.

     Grandma also spent hours making tiny pom poms to string across the ceiling of the nursery. Eventually I want to add string lights up there too. 

     I also painted a painting. I blacked out part of the art work because it is another persons work and is copyrighted. At least you can get an idea of what the painting looks like. I just printed it and decoupaged it on this painting. It the cutest little water color of a tiny bear cub. The lettering and flowers were my own. I still have a few more of these paintings I want to do.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The day my world stood still

     I know I’ve been pretty quite for nine months. Well about nine months and three weeks give or take a little. 

     I was given a little.
     A baby little. A tiny piece of heaven. My very own teeny slice of pie.

     That was the day my world stood still.

     Transition, transition transition. Transitioning out of an 8 hour day to a schedule I still don’t understand. Being a Mom is definitely more work than a nine to five. I doesn’t stop. You go to take a shower, make a meal or vacuum and that’s when you hear it. The not so silent alarm asking to be fed, changed or my personal favorite… cuddled. Oh, I could cuddle him for hours. Hours and hours.

     This little piece of heaven is a little porker. Pork, pork, porkin’ every two and a half to three hours. 

     Backtracking about three weeks…this is my favorite picture of the day.
     I know. The picture doesn’t seem like much but I know what is going on there. Daddy is holding his son for the first time. Mr. Man has wanted to be Daddy since grade school. It was a long and winding road to this day and this moment. What you can’t see are the big alligator tears Daddy is crying with his back turned. We were both having a moment but I was the one with the camera. 

     Labor wasn’t very long. I was admitted at 7:30 in the morning. My OB accidentally broke my water about then. I had baby at 6:37 at night. It got difficult toward the end. Baby was stuck and his face was facing up when it should have been facing down. He was stuck and starting to get stressed. Around 6 another surgeon came in and she was able to turn him. He came out soon after with a big bruise and tiny cut on his head. Other than that though he was perfection blinking up at me with his tiny blue eyes. At least I think they are blue. Jury is still out on that. What do you think?
     Blink blink…

     This pic gives you an idea of how I felt that day. 
     Exhausted. But oh so full of joy.

     Daddy was too. You can see the tears in this pic but they are happy ones.