Friday, August 29, 2014

Bed Bug

     I saw a t-shirt at the mall that had "I don't care about your cat" printed across the front. In protest I'm posting this:
So there.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blog Neglect

     I have been really neglecting this blog of late. Been going through a funky season and haven’t known what to write. I still don’t so I’m going to unload my phone history again and pretend that someone out there finds whatever I found pic worthy as interesting as I do :)
     I forgot to share my favorite video from my visit with my brother a couple of weeks ago. Lilly got so excited when she saw the big escalator at the mall where we parked our cars in downtown Spokane. She wanted to “go for a ride” and Wubby noticed, took her hand…and I didn’t get my phone out and my video on until the very end of their trip…heart melt. So cute:

     I spent my weekend preparing for a little celebration for a co-worker who just had a little baby girl. Here’s yet another cupcakey table I put together:

     Then there’s this Fuzzy butt again…swingin’ his legs over my bookshelf, watching us from his throne on high.

     Double Trouble.

      Brothers make the best pillows.

     So squishy and soft.

      I put on my Jamberry nail wraps I bought from my sister. I think I love this color :)
     Thanks for the mani. sis :)

      Ok...I'll try and be better at this bloggy promises :)