Monday, August 24, 2015

Timothy Lake Vacation, Baby Vaccines and Jeal-y Belly

    Ten days in the woods with a newborn. That was the beginning of my month. We survived. By the tenth day I was ready to be home though. Baby did great in the woods but if it wasn't for the small heater we had in our tent I would have been one freaked out momma worrying about whether or not he was warm. It gets pretty cold at night at Timothy Lake near Mt. Hood Oregon. It was pretty hot during the day. The days were in the 80's and 90's and at night it got down to the 40's. We do this every year and were it not for the smile across Wubs face that he was finally getting to bring his little to the lake...I'm not sure I would have exposed baby to nature when he was so, well, little. We all did fine though and had a great time. Wubs Mom's side of the family takes over the lake for the first week in August. We fill up the camp ground. You think I'm joking...

Here is the family pic of the mass of us:

     Good times. Since then I've been to a niece's birthday party where I took pictures of everything but the birthday girl. I did get these gems though:

     Grandma M. photobombing the pic of the two newest cousins, Grandma S. lovin' on the munchkin' and Daddy cuddles.
    I also went to a wedding shower since my last post where again I didn't take any pics of the bride to be...but I did get another gem. A pic of Grandma M. with cousin and baby:

     Today was a major bummer. Baby got his first set of vaccines. Three big shots and he screamed bloody murder...he made momma want to cry. He's been super sleepy today and you can tell his body is working over time. Poor bunny.
     Jeally-Belly tried to help. He has been super jealous of baby and has plastered himself against my side in a desperate move for attention. Baby head or feet get a soft furry pillow when nursing.

     Kitty is a bit ridiculous...but super cuddly cute. The only thing that gets the cat to move is when baby starts to cry for longer that a minute. Kitty gets stressed and looks at me with sad eyes and saunters off but he's usually back when baby calms. Everybody needs Momma. LOL.
     My days look a lot like this:
     Pretty sweet hugh?