Monday, January 14, 2013

Upside down fur piles

These two are too much sometimes.

Laugh laugh laugh.

They make my heart happy!!

Sometimes you just need to roll over and let it all hang out!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Baby Banner

      Ahhh…a brand spankin’ new year. Well at least it was new 12 days ago. I think my last entry on this blog may have been January of last year!  Eek!!!…A lot happened in 2012 and as I reflect back all I feel is gratitude. I am blessed!
     Speaking of looking back, I miss Christmas already. ;n (

     After tearing Christmas down the house feels naked. It was so pretty and sparkly. Now it’s just beige, beige, and more beige with the exception of my  “lemony pie” kitchen. Oh how I want to re-paint that room and the rest of the beige ones too. I have even purchased the paint. One day runs into the next though and I haven’t been able to start the project. I will soon though. Too much lemon is like living in a room with Elmo on speed. Elmo says, “Beee happy.”

I leave the room feeling like grumpy cat.

     I needed a crafty project to help my over-yellowed brain. I spent this weekend making a nursery banner for a baby shower. I had so much fun. Butterflies, pink and purple with black accents are the momma’s theme. 

The baby’s name is Jaselyn.

Creative weekends are the best!

I had some furry help ;n )

     He wore himself out chasing after the ribbon dangling over the edge of the table. Apparently it was too much of a work-out for his fat little body.