Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sorry brownie

     Today was a happy day.

     I got in some early morning snuggles.

     I also got to visit with a friend for about three hours today. She brought her two littles with her. The youngest is almost two and the other is barley four. They are a joy to watch and oh so stinkin’ cute. Remember the pom pom garland in my nursery from yesterdays post? Funny story about my friends youngest and that pom pom garland. At one point in today’s visit I let my friend go up to my baby’s nursery to change her little’s diaper. Her little was fascinated by the pom pom garland strung across the ceiling. About a half hour after that diaper change my friend’s  little began announcing loudly that she peed and wanted to be changed again. She hadn’t. She just wanted to go upstairs and see the pom poms again. It’s amazing how manipulative smart children can be. I giggled and brought down another garland my Mom had made with the leftover string from mine and gave it to little. 

     I didn’t get a good picture of the smile that spread from ear to ear as I handed it to her. She immediately grabbed it and had it thoroughly knotted within’ thirty seconds. But it was an adorable thirty seconds. She loved it for five minutes then got detoured by something else. Kids. They are S.O. M.U.C.H. F.U.N. 

     In other news Mr. Man left the last brownie for me.
     Well…kind of. That’s the sorriest little excuse for a brownie I ever did see.

     LOL…just LOL. 

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