Monday, July 20, 2015

Nursery progress

     I told myself towards the end of my second trimester of pregnancy, just around the time that we had finished painting the nursery, that it was okay to not have the nursery ready by the time baby came. After all, he would probably hang out in our room any way for at least the first six months. Which, so far, he has been doing. Needless to say progress on the nursery has been slow. Today I got two things done in there that I have been wanting to do. I got a curtain rod hung so now my Mom can measure the length and make the curtains for the window. 

     I also got a quilt hung that I’ve been wanting up. It’s a Baby R Us quilt that is oh so perfect for my woodland animal theme.
     It also has matching wall hangings and a matching lamp.

     So, so cute.

     Grandma also spent hours making tiny pom poms to string across the ceiling of the nursery. Eventually I want to add string lights up there too. 

     I also painted a painting. I blacked out part of the art work because it is another persons work and is copyrighted. At least you can get an idea of what the painting looks like. I just printed it and decoupaged it on this painting. It the cutest little water color of a tiny bear cub. The lettering and flowers were my own. I still have a few more of these paintings I want to do.

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