Sunday, July 19, 2015

The day my world stood still

     I know I’ve been pretty quite for nine months. Well about nine months and three weeks give or take a little. 

     I was given a little.
     A baby little. A tiny piece of heaven. My very own teeny slice of pie.

     That was the day my world stood still.

     Transition, transition transition. Transitioning out of an 8 hour day to a schedule I still don’t understand. Being a Mom is definitely more work than a nine to five. I doesn’t stop. You go to take a shower, make a meal or vacuum and that’s when you hear it. The not so silent alarm asking to be fed, changed or my personal favorite… cuddled. Oh, I could cuddle him for hours. Hours and hours.

     This little piece of heaven is a little porker. Pork, pork, porkin’ every two and a half to three hours. 

     Backtracking about three weeks…this is my favorite picture of the day.
     I know. The picture doesn’t seem like much but I know what is going on there. Daddy is holding his son for the first time. Mr. Man has wanted to be Daddy since grade school. It was a long and winding road to this day and this moment. What you can’t see are the big alligator tears Daddy is crying with his back turned. We were both having a moment but I was the one with the camera. 

     Labor wasn’t very long. I was admitted at 7:30 in the morning. My OB accidentally broke my water about then. I had baby at 6:37 at night. It got difficult toward the end. Baby was stuck and his face was facing up when it should have been facing down. He was stuck and starting to get stressed. Around 6 another surgeon came in and she was able to turn him. He came out soon after with a big bruise and tiny cut on his head. Other than that though he was perfection blinking up at me with his tiny blue eyes. At least I think they are blue. Jury is still out on that. What do you think?
     Blink blink…

     This pic gives you an idea of how I felt that day. 
     Exhausted. But oh so full of joy.

     Daddy was too. You can see the tears in this pic but they are happy ones.

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