Friday, July 24, 2015

Baby clothes, Timothy Lake meal planning and things Mom’s made

     Today I did a bunch of shopping. On my bed. In my pajamas… whilst feeding a baby. I really really hate shopping so to have the world at my fingertips, to be able to type in exactly what I want, see a bunch of different items, price compare, all within a half an hour…sheer bliss. I LOVE online shopping and amazon prime. I don’t have to waste time walking up and down isles, driving to a bunch of different stores and walking out with things that I spent too much money on and are not exactly what I want. I am notoriously unable to make decisions. Shopping presents endless choices and decisions and makes me crazy. This way, I get to type in exactly what I want, find it and get it. Number one on the list was finding ears for my baby to wear. Babies should wear ears as often as possible. I bought these:

     We are headed to Timothy Lake again for our annual family camping trip and baby had nothing warm to wear when the temp drops at night. Hence the shopping and buying of baby clothes. I also got baby another Mr. Man mini me outfit:

     Another thing on my list of things to do was to work on pictures of things my talented Mother has created. She lives to create and has spent the past couple weeks making the following creations. She’s trying to get an Etsy board up. Her creations are so unique and were both trying to find a way to market them. Hence, the pictures. Neither of us are photographers so we’re winging it here. This is a front shot of things she’s worked on this past month.

     Decorative bottles:


     Napkin rings:

     Storage bins:

     Dessert tray/stand:

     Pin cushion:

     And my personal favorite, a friendship doll garland:

     Don't you just love their itty bitty hair and faces? So precious!

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